Friday, August 19, 2016

After All

Is life just about earning money? Is it just about chasing our dreams? What makes us happy? What fulfills us?

We are meant to live a life of joy. We are Easter people! We experience this joy fully when we attribute all that we are and we have to God. What makes us happy and fulfilled in the end is God.

We didn’t fail to know it in fact we know it fully well. We just don’t want to accept it out of pride. This is the truth that we see but refuses to recognize.

After all the chasing and earning, there He is in the end, the true source of joy and fulfillment.

by aats

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wheat From Chaff

Someone told me once not to read a certain book because the author he said support some “uncatholic” stand. Well it might be true, but I think we cannot fully discount some truths in some of his books. To gain wisdom is to read and listen even to what we think is stupid. Some of the things we believe in can even be validated by it.

The message is truthful even if the messenger is not. The problem comes when we brush off a message just because we don’t believe in the messenger. The message is killed because of the bearer.

The important thing is that we know whom we are anchored. We are anchored in Christ and the truth that His church teaches us. Being open to read and listen even to the things we don’t like is sign of maturity of faith and confidence in God.

There is a grain of truth even in the words of a liar. We only need to discern to “separate the wheat from the chaff.” Matthew 3:12

by aats

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Place

A place is as beautiful only as the person you are with. That’s why lovers don’t really mind where so long as they know who they are with. A place can be a good backdrop and venue for building relationships but more important are the people building beautiful memories.

by aats

Friday, July 15, 2016

Prayers and Tears

It’s raining today, what a good backdrop for the first reading from Isaiah 38 that talks about the sickness and recovery of King Hezekiah, he was told that he is about to die. He turns to prayer and begs the Lord in tears. The Lord heard him and said, “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you...” Isaiah 38:5

This part of the story of Hezekiah teaches us not to be ashamed to beg the Lord, even in tears. There is hope even in the seemingly hopeless situation. The Lord hears our cries and understands our sufferings. He loves us and desires nothing but goodness for us. He heals!

Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.

by aats

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Mass Is Such A Treasure

The Mass is such a treasure! While attending the one today, I was struck by the phrase the priest used to greet the people, “My dearly beloved…” I know most priests at the start of the any mass are saying it, but today it was different, I felt like I found a treasure that for a long time was just there but I failed to recognize. When I heard the priest saying “My dearly beloved…” I felt like I was called into a loving embrace, such an endearing words!

Mass is such a beautiful thing because it calls us into an experience of love and relationship. If I may rephrase it, it’s like saying, “My love, my sweetie pie, my one and only, or Palangga (my love)” The Lord at the start of the mass is calling us as His one and only love and inviting us to an experience of love with Him, to be in a relationship with Him.

Thank you Lord for the gift of mass, an experience of love and relationship. Amen.

by aats 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Ways of Nature

I remember few years back on a retreat, I was seating under the tree absorbed by nature but searching for answers. For almost an hour I couldn’t figure out what was Gods message for me. Then at the last few minutes, I felt the Lord telling me to look around on the flowers, the grass, and the branches and leaves of the trees. “Observe the ways of nature, look at the leaves waiting for the wind to sway. Look at the flowers, waiting for the bees to come to admire its beauty. Look at the ground waiting for the leaves to fall to enrich its soil. My ways are the ways of nature. Always in my pacing, never late, never advance, always on time.” There was tremendous peace that I felt, I was overwhelmed, and I couldn’t explain my feelings.

I always go back to that experience everytime I am troubled. When everything seems dark and unending, I will hear His voice, “Look around, do not worry, my ways are the ways of nature.” I also look back with so much gratefulness everytime I felt overwhelmed by His goodness, it makes me exclaim, “Your ways O Lord, is perfect!” It is overwhelming how the Lord answers our questions at His perfect time.

When we receive the answer to our question at the right time we appreciate the answer in its fullness. Blessing becomes more meaningful and deeply appreciated. This is the beauty of the ways of God.

Lord, grant us the grace of the ways of nature. Amen.

by aats